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Organizations Active in Dalit Movement of Nepal

[The organizations active in Dalit movement and/or development in Nepal are welcome to send in brief information about their organization's introduction or their weblink for posting in this section. Organizations will be listed in alphabetical order. Please email the information to:]


Governmental Organizations:

  National Dalit Commission, HMG/Nepal

Non-Governmental Organizations:

  Centre for Dalit & Rural Development (CDRD)

  Dalit NGO Federation

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>>> Future Directions of Dalit NGOsí Federation (DNF)
Dalit NGOsí Federation National President D.B. Sagar Bishwakarma presented a future strategy of DNF in a national convention held recently. He outlined the directions that DNF plans to undertake in the short to long terms in future following the conceptual strategies in the areas of strengthening of institutional development, unity ending internal untouchability, proportional representation, pro-dalit politics, international solidarity, collaboration of people oriented dalit organizations, sustainable development of the Federation and member organizations, reservation and organization structure. For full text of Sagarís deliberations, please click >>>[Future Strategy Document]

  Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO)

  Feminist Dalit Organization of Nepal (FEDO)
Japanese Site (Translated in English)

  Jagaran Media Center

  Jana Utthan Pratisthan (JUP)

  Lawyers' National Campaign Against Untouchability, Nepal (LANCAU-Nepal)

  Literary Academy for Dalit of Nepal

  National Dalit Intellectuals' Association, Nepal (NaDIAN)

International Non-Governmental Organizations:

  Nepali-American Society for Oppressed (NASO) Community, Elkridge, Maryland, USA.

  Empower Dalit Women of Nepal, Boston, USA