Centre for Dalit & Rural Development




Centre for Dalit & Rural Development (CDRD) makes efforts in an affirmative action aimed at contributing to upliftment and empowerment of Dalit and other rural communities of the country.  


The CDRD was registered as a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization in the His Majesty’s Government’s District Administration Office at Kathmandu on July 30, 2001.


Objectives of the organization:


  1. To promote public awareness for reconstructing a society based on equity;
  2. To make efforts towards building self-reliance among the people of oppressed (Dalit) castes, ethnic tribes, women and other backward communities;
  3. To organize income generating activities for Dalit and backward communities specially in the rural areas;
  4. To encourage and facilitate Dalit and other weaker sections of the society to enable themselves to utilize and take advantages of goods and services being provided by governmental and non-governmental agencies;
  5. To promote the idea of ecological tourisms with participation of Dalit and backward communities;
  6. To formulate and organize programs of agriculture and livestock farming focusing on maximizing benefits to specially Dalit, women and other backward classes;
  7. To organize professional development programs such as workshops, seminars, vocational/professional trainings, observation tours, interaction programs etc.


Program Areas:


Occupational and Empowerment Trainings, Rural Water Recycling Programs, Agriculture Programs (Cash Crops and Livestock), Small Scale Industry and Business Development, Professional Development Programs, Awareness campaigns, and Other Related Social Activities.


Resources for Programs:


Membership fee and contributions from the individual members of CDRD, and external donations, gifts, loans, sponsorships and project financing, in cash or kind, are the resources mobilized for implementing programs and activities of the CDRD. Individuals and domestic or international, governmental or non-governmental donor agencies are welcome to make any of such contribution towards fulfilling the aims and objectives of the Centre. 


For further information, please contact:

Chairman, CDRD