Nepali-American Society for Oppressed (NASO) Community

(This is unofficial information provided by nepaldalitinfo. The official website of NASO Community will be coming soon!)




The objectives of the Nepalese American Society of Oppressed Community (NASO) Community shall be:


1) To preserve, promote and encourage positive socio-cultural attributes of traditional occupational caste people of Nepal;


2) To enhance intercultural diffusion between other nationalities and people of Nepali occupational caste roots living in the United States;


3) To strive to uplift and advance socio-economic and cultural conditions of traditionally oppressed occupational caste people of Nepal;.


4) To help the socially, economically and politically backward communities of Nepal for improving their status by encouraging in education, bringing political awareness, making them live with dignity and pride.


For fulfilling these objectives, the NASO Community may be involved in mobilizing political workers, government officials, NGO workers and the human rights activists and any other institutions/organizations working towards the similar goals. The society may seek cooperation from national/international institutions and personalities, who support the societys goal.


For further information, please contact:

President, NASO Community

Elkridge, Maryland, USA