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Dalit Women in Double Jeopardy

The hazards, which Dalit women in Nepal are subjected to, are double: one from the caste based socio-economic discrimination of occupational communities they belonged to, and another from the gender based discrimination in the prevailing patriarchal male dominated society. The ramifications of these hazards having direct impacts on their socio-economic and political conditions are even manifold, and have led to their general exclusion from the mainstream of the society they live in. Durga Sob, a noted Dalit woman activist, has even described the prevailing conditions as “the triple oppression” emphasizing the multiplicity of these ramifications occurring in the forms of untouchability, economic exploitation, illiteracy, low-life expectancy, political non-representation, sexual exploitation, slavery and so on.

This section bears a series of web-links as a collection of selected articles/information materials focusing on the prevailing conditions of Nepali Dalit women. Some of these materials may suggest possible ways out for them. It may be noted that some of the materials found through the links below are the first-hand information in the words of activists, who are either Dalit women themselves or women friends of Dalits.

To Be Free from Caste Discrimination- by Anita Pariyar

The "Untouchables": the Experience of Dalit Women in Nepal and India - by Anita Pariyar

Dalit Women and Reservation Policy- by Durga Sob

DALIT WOMEN: The Triple Oppression of Dalit Women in Nepal by Durga Sob

The pain of fifth Varna (Group) and Foot Step- by Kamala Hemchuri (Translated from Nepali by Er. MB Bishwakarma)

DALIT WOMEN IN SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONTEXT- by Kamala Devi Hemchuri (Translated by Er. MB Bishwakarma

Dalit Mahila Ra Bikash (in Nepali)- Dalit Women and Development – by Kamala Hemchuri

Dalits in Nepal: Story of Discrimination- by Anita Shrestha

Violence against Dalit Women In Nepal- by Padmalal Bishwakarma Also, available at: >>> [The Telegraph]

The Dalits and Dalit Women of the Terai- by Dr. Hari Bansh Jha

Combating Violence against Dalit Women of the Terai- by Dr. Hari Bansh Jha

How can Dalit women be uplifted ? – by Pabitra Sunar


Diabolical torture of women and zero rule of law in Nepal- A written statement received by UN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS from Asian Legal Resource Centre(ALRC), January 2005.

Violence against Dalit women in India and Nepal- A written statement submitted to the UN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC), January 2004.

Report on National Seminar on Strategies for Improving the Conditions of Dalit Women of the Terai- Organized by Centre for Economic and Technical Studies (CETS) in cooperation with FES

Nepal’s Dalit women face discrimination, violence and exclusion- A Minority Rights Group

Some gender dimensions of caste discrimination- OXFAM