A List of  Points for Elimination of Intra-Dalit Discrimination as proposed by Lawyers’ National Campaign Against Untouchability (LANCAU), NEPAL
(This list is endorsed by Advocate Ratna Bahadur Bagchand, President, LANCAU Nepal via email on Thu, 7 Jul 2005 )


!=  blntx?n] cfkm\gf] 3/, ef]het]/, ljjfxpT;j nufotdf ;Dk"0f{ blnt hfltnfO{ cfkmg} hflt ;/x dfgL Jojxf/ ug{] .


Dalits shall treat all dalits same as those of their own caste in their homes, public dinners and wedding ceremonies.


@= cGt/blnt hftLo ljjfxnfO{ k|f]T;fxg lbg ;fdflhs dfGotf, ;'/Iff, k'/:sf/ tyf cfly{s, ef}lts / Goflos ;xof]u k'¥ofpg] .


In order to promote inter-caste marriages, provisions for social acceptance, security and rewards, as well as financial, physical and legal assistance for the wedded couple shall be made.


#=  blnt blnt ldn]/ xf]6n k;n vf]Ng], ;fd'lxs ef]h cfof]hgf ug{] .


Dalits of different castes shall join hands to open hotels and organize public dinners.


$= blnt ;d'bfodf ljBdfg s'/Llt, s';+:sf/, s'nt / c:j:ys/ /xg;xgsf] cGTo ug{ cleofg rnfpg] .


A campaign shall be organized to end the undesirable social and cultural traditions, vices, and unhealthy living practices rampant among Dalit communities.


%= blntx? cf/If0f Joj:yf nfu" ug{ ;+3if{df pqg] .


Dalits shall come forward to a struggle for having a reservation system in place.


^=  blnt hfltsf P]ltxfl;s lje"ltx?nfO{ blnt ;d"xsf] ;femf dfGg] u/L ldn]/ ;+o'Qm 6«i6 vf]Ng] .


Joint trusts shall be established to immortalize the heroes from Dalit castes in the history of Nepal, considering them common to all dalits.


&= blntx?sf] ;femf ;f+:s[lts u'7L vf]nL blnt hfltdfqsf] ;fdlxs ;+:s[ltsf] klxrfg, cg';Gwfg / hu]gf{ ug{] .


Common cultural values and practices of all dalits shall be identified, researched and preserved through establishing common cultural trusts among dalits.


*= k|To]s hftLo ;+u7gn] cfkm\gf] hftLo ;d"xsf JolQmn] c? blntnfO{ e]befj u/]df cfGtl/s cfrf/ ;+lxtf adf]lhd sf/jfxL ug{sf ;fy} cfjZostfg";f/ sfg"gL sf/jfxLsf] nflu ;d]t cu'jfO ug{] .


Every dalit organization shall adopt a policy of taking action against any person of a caste discriminating a person from another caste through a strict code of conduct within the organization, and shall also proceed for a legal action against that person, if necessary.


(=  blnt ;DaGwL lgsfo jf k|lti7fg lgdf{0f ubf{ / /fHoaf6 blntju{sfnflu k|fKt x'g] 5fqj[lt, /fhg}lts lgo'QmL /f]huf/L nufotsf cj;/x?df blnt hftLo ;d"xx?sf] hg;+Vofsf cfwf/df ;dfg'kflts ;xeflutf sfod ug{hf]8 lbg] .


Whenever establishing a public agency or institution mandated for all dalits or receiving opportunities such as scholarship, political appointment, employment for Dalits, adherence to proportional representation based on the population of each Dalit caste shall be emphasized.


!)= blnt hfltsf 5'6f5'6} xf]6n wf/f, kw]/f] / dlGb/nfO{ ;j}sf] ;femf agfpg] .


All hotels, water taps, spring water spots and temples belonging to individual caste people shall be made available for use as common to all.


!!= hfltkftL / 5'jf5"t k|yf j0ff{>dL Joj:yfsf] pkh ePsf]n] lxGb' wd{sf cu'jfx?n] blntdflysf] lje]b / 5'jf5"t cGTosf] 3f]if0ff u/L To;nfO{ Aojxf/df oyfzL3| canDjg gu/]df blntx?n] cGo ;dtfd"ns wd{ u|x0f u/]df ;dy{g / ;+/If0f k|bfg ug]{ .


As the caste discrimination and untouchability was born out of the division of labor based on Varna system, if the leaders of Hindu religion do not declare the end of caste discrimination and untouchability meted out to dalits and do no implement it in practice at the earliest, and consequently if dalits are to adopt another religion based on equal opportunity, they shall be accepted and protected.   


!@= blnt ;d'bfosf] jLrdf ljBdfg cfGtl/s e]befj pGd"ng ug{sf nflu k|To]s  blnt g]tf, sfo{stf{, a'l4hLlj / k]zfut JolQmn] kfngf ug{ Ps cfrf/ ;+lxtf lgdf{0f u/L nfu" ug{] .


A Code of Conduct for each of the dalit leaders, intellectuals and professional personalities shall be formulated and implemented to eradicate internal discrimination rampant among dalit communities.


The Nepaldalitinfo Network’s Note:


The intra-dalit discrimination rampant in our society can be found in many hues and colors between any two castes as well as even within the same caste. This as a core problem on the way to dalit liberation should be tackled with a great sensitivity not to incite any confrontation or conflict among dalit caste people, who must have unconditional solidarity among all dalits to work in unison for their ultimate struggle against the overall design of caste discrimination dictated by Brahminism. Therefore, the code of conduct for elimination of intra-dalit discrimination must be implemented in a collective basis, without targeting or singling out any specific caste.