Demands of Dalits in Nepal

The following is a partial list of demands of Dalits in Nepal that will be put forth to His Majesty's Government of Nepal under the contemporary situation of parliamentary democracy. The list is endorsed by many Dalit intellectuals, but is still in the process of review and debate in order to make it a concensus list of what all Dalits in Nepal want. Supports, comments and/or concerns relating to any issue in this list are welcome from any individual or organisation, and may be directly sent by email to:

The demands of Dalits to the State are:

1. Express State's apology, through Royal Address to the Parliament followed by enactment of a legislation, for the statutory provisions that legalized caste discrimination and untouchability in the past.

2. Legislate a comprehensive and compelling law to forbid all forms of caste discrimination and untouchability, removing flaws and ambiguity from the existing laws. Put in action the severe punitive measures against atrocities committed to Dalits, but not merely showing in the paperwork.

3. Resolve all problems associated with citizenships of Dalits resulting from caste discrimination. Issue citizenship certificates to all Dalits born in Nepal either from a father or a mother who is a bonafide citizen of Nepal.

4. Reserve special constituencies for Dalits at all levels of peoples' representation including parliamentary House of Representatives and National Assembly.

5. Elevate National Dalit Commission to the status of a Constitutional Body.

6. Free all partially or fully bonded Dalit laborers, and rehabilitate them in appropriate locations where they can live without fear and hunger.

7. Reserve compensatory 20% quotas and special seats for Dalits in opportunities of secondary and higher education, scholarships, employment in public services and any other public appointments at all entry levels.

8. Adopt a strong policy of affirmative action for Dalits in all high level appointments such as Judges, Ambassadors, Government Secretaries, Commissioners, Director-Generals, General Managers.

9. Establish an Institute with one national and four regional multi-purpose trade schooling, training and rehabilitation facilities with the status of a national level technical institution through a legislative Act (on par with BP Memorial Medical Sciences Institute and/or Mahendra Sanskrit University) for all round development of peoples belonging to traditional occupational castes. Mobilize a multilateral International Donors' Consortium for providing financial aids required for this project of long term nature.

10. Denounce and disband all expressions, proverbs, verbatim or written works, which promote hierarchical caste discrimination and untouchability in the society. Entrust Royal Nepal Academy and Legal Book Management Authority with necessary directives to review and recommend corrections to all such official documents that take Dalits and other oppressed people for granted under the age-old caste discriminatory practices, and execute appropriate measures for making such corrections in the context of modern contemporary world.

11. Create courteous environment for all Dalits to enter and move around all public premises (including temples) without any hindrance like any other people of Nepal, and provide adequate security support towards this end, as may be required.