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The following is a series of case stories of human rights violations, atrocities and injustices meted out to Dalit people of Nepal on daily basis.

Water tap incidents rife

Renu Bishwakarma becomes another victim of tap water untouchability. The incident happened on 9th of May 2005 early 5 O’clock in the morning in the Chandrapur of Pattharkot VDC-8 of Sarlahi District. Renu Bishwakarma came to fill water at a public well in her village. Shila Devi Mandal of the same village was already there, filling water her in her buckets. Renu by mistakes touches Shila Devi’s bucket, and then the pandemonium began. Shila Devi started yelling and abusing Renu as a prostitute and witch, and insulted her in public place.

Renu couldn’t bear the torture meted out to her, and approached Downtrodden Upliftment Society (DUS) of Hariwan, Sarlahi, which is a member organization of DNF for help to get justice. DUS informed the local police to charge Shila Devi. Police Station forwarded two letters to the VDC to send her to police station but there was no response from her side.

Again in the 26th May and 2nd June the same incident repeated. This time there was one more lady named Yonjanni along with Shila Devi. So, this practice seemed to increase day to day.

DUS in the association of DNF and other Human Rights Organization arranged a peace rally in the 11th of June in the same village. But the so called high caste people of same village interrupted the rally and started hitting the participants of the peace rally with sticks and bamboos. As a result of which 17 year old Uttam Pariyar, one of the participants, was badly injured.

In the 11 pm of 12th of June, Narbu Lama, Mangal Singh and Darlami Kale threatened the Dalits that they would rape the Dalit females, hurt, kill to other who so ever raises this issue.

DNF to support this movement has visited National Human Rights Commission & National Dalit Commission, today on the 14th June, to inform the incident and ask for necessary actions. DNF is also planning to meet Ministry of Home tomorrow to take necessary action on this incident.

The practice of untouchability and increasing abuse upon Dalits in public water taps must stop! All the concerned organizations and individuals should get organized with a common voice should get organized to combat the social evils of this practice.

Report by Pratik Pande [June 21, 2005]

Continuing Dalit atrocity must be condemned

A 17 years old girl of Bishwakarma Caste has been physically assaulted by members of a so called upper caste family of her neighborhood in Lekhanath Municipality of Kaski district. She was seriously injured making her unconscious. One of the key family members who assaulted her is no other than Hemant Shahi, who was the elected Chief of a Ward Committee of a now dissolved Rural Municipality near Pokhara city, a popular tourist destination in the country.
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It is another ridiculously outrageous case that the victim was accused of having touched the water pot of the so called higher caste neighbours while she was herself filling the water from the common water tap. It is reported that police and human rights activists have been informed of the incident. More on this story [The Kantipur daily]

Report by: Rupesh Silwal based on the news report by Prem Nepali.

Forest becomes untouchable for dalits

Eleven Dalits households in Ramechhap Sukajaur VDC - 7 have been restricted from entering the forest next to their houses to fetch firewood and fodder for their cattle by non-dalit persons of the area. For full story in The Kathmandu Post (March 06, 2005), please click here >>> http://www.kantipuronline.com/kolnews.php?&nid=33614

Victim of casteist husband now a disabled

Anita, a resident of Pokhara Municipality – 9, is now a handicapped woman. Soon after her marriage, her husband, who is a so called upper caste person, sprinkled kerosene on her body and set it on fire. For full story in The Kathmandu Post (March 06, 2005), please click here >>> http://www.kantipuronline.com/kolnews.php?&nid=33615

Excesses and Violence against Dalits Continue on…

Non-dalit people have their ways to commit excesses of caste discrimination on dalits in many hill districts of Nepal on the pretext of their traditional practices, and dalits are penalized very often for the crime they never committed. The reason for committing excessive voilence on dalits can be anything but reasonable.

If a dalit drinks a cup of tea with the milk from a buffalo belonging to non-dalit homestead, buffalo cow’s mammary glands will go sore and the blood will flow out from her teats even if the dalit person would not have seen the buffalo. This is an outrageous but very common reason in many hill districts for many non-dalit households not to sell or give away milk outside their close family circle. This is one thing that any responsible and functioning government can change without much difficulty through both regulatory provision and extension education. For a true story of a related incident reported from far-western district (in Nepali press), please click here >>> The Kantipur News (Nepali)

If any member of a dalit family does something wrong in a village in Nepal, the whole family will have to suffer from the wrath of non-dalit people in the village as a penalty. In a western hill village, two women from a dalit family would have been an accomplish to a murder case along with others non-dalits, but the house and property of only a dalit family involved would be burnt out by non-dalit villagers in addition to the punishment given by the law. This is the kind of an incident that can happen only in a country of lawlessness. But, it happens very often in the villages of Nepal. Click here for a recent incident reported in the Nepali press: >>> The Kantipur News (Nepali)