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Kantipur FM interviews nepaldalitinfo network coordinator


Kantipur FM 96.1 Mhz Radio aired an interview with Dr. DP Rasali, who is coordinating the international network of nepaldalitinfo) live through a long distance call on April 23, 2005 Saturday at 8:15 PM (Kathmandu local time) for about 15 minutes within the Dalit Welfare Organisation (DWO)'s Radio program, “The Voice of Dignity” produced by Dinesh Pariyar, and anchored by Rupesh Silwal and Pradip Pariyar. The salient features of the issues around which the discussion went on the air are given below:

  • What is it? Why was it started?
    • It is conceptualized as an international network of Nepali Dalit intellectuals and friends of Dalits. It has two parts- the website and an informal discussion forum (Yahoo! Group).
    • To bring together Nepali Dalit intellectuals and interested friends of Dalits to a single platform for interactions. This is one thing which can help the Dalit movement moving forward in Nepal
    • To disseminate the information on issues of Nepali Dalits to the World especially international agencies and Universities seeking their participation in the study and upliftment of Dalits. As a result of this information dissemination, we are particularly interested to see that there will be more and more studies and research on Dalits, their conditions and their issues in various renowned Universities and institutions around the world. We are also hoping that more and more international institutions getting involved in Dalit development in Nepal.
    • To encourage Dalit youth in knowing about their roots and the way forward in Dalit movement of Nepal.

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  • What is its success?
    • Dalit intellectuals of Nepal got together to conceptualize this network two years back. Ever since the website was started, I would say, the success has been tremendous in terms of participation and cooperation by Nepali Dalit intellectuals and friends of Dalits around the world. The website also has achieved significant milestones- e.g. yahoo web search with the key words “Nepal” and “Dalit” yields nepaldalitinfo comes out as No. 1 hit out of some 48,000 website hits. The website is already listed in the links of library website of University of California, Berkley, and University of Minnesota/University of Winsconsin Digital Library. Several other sites- personal sites, organizations’ sites and Dalit international network sites have also included it in their links.
    • As far as participation is concerned, Yahoo groups is running effectively and improving communications among its members. It will move forward.

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  • How do you get the information about the real conditions of Dalits in remote rural areas?
    • This is just the beginning, and we may not be able to collect all the information from the remote areas, but are receiving information from various sources. We are focusing on providing basic information to world’s governmental and educational agencies and other institutions about the oppression of our people and the deprivation of their human rights for centuries, mainly due to the weakness of the state. Once, we have our messages taken to world forum, more research and studies will eventually come up for further exploration.
    • I appreciate the work of NGOs, whose efforts have brought much information about to the fore in a short period. Nepaldalitinfo endeavors to help bring more of such information.

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    • We are hoping that more and more youth from Dalit communities will know about the website and its information discussion forum, and will participate in them by way of contributing to information from the remote villages as well.

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  • How do you think Dalits’ issues will be fully addressed?
    • A strong political will is a must for Dalits’ issues to be addressed fully. However, our main stream political parties are considering our problems not so seriously. They have recognized our problems being deep rooted on the grounds, but many are still taking it for granted that time will eventually bring the required social changes on its own. But, we are not accepting that approach as the right one. We need deliberate and strong efforts to make the differences.

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  • Do you have anything to add at the end?
    • We are looking forward to having a peaceful but very effective Dalit movement. The three step path, “Educate, Get organized and Struggle” as advocated by Dr. Ambedkar is our path to go peacefully. We have to have all our Dalit children going to schools, and then we will get organized for more powerful movement. Then, our movement may get success.

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